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Friday, March 11, 2011

From Flintstones To Jetsons


Well, Flintstones and Jetsons need no Introduction. They are equally famous as Tom & Jerry are. The man from the past & the man from the future have made people of all ages laugh for several decades . Both of them are another hit creations from the Brains of Joseph Hanna & William Barbera.

From Flintstones to Jetsons is a journey we all have witnessed. Some things people will never forget about the two fellows are ; “YABA DABA DOO” the famous lines from Freddie Flintstone and the way Mr. George Jetson gets reprimanded for no fault of his by his very own boss Mr. Cosmo Spacely on the T.V screen .

While our smiles stretch like a 70 MM screen while watching these shows, we oversee a very important  message, which says : “Materialistic things will change but the problems of life & the way to tackle them will remain the same” .

To start with, the Stone age man uses flying dinosaurs as their aircrafts. And on the other hand the man from the future is having a flying car powered by rocket propellants. Conclusion : We still don’t have a machine which can just transfer
a human being to the desired place on a blink of an eye, implying we still have to rent or drive to the desired location.

Another one !!
In stone age, your boss calls up and scolds you but at least you don’t have to see his horrible face yelling at you, but in the future according to the Hanna-Barbera, with the ability to have a video conferencing, you cannot hide yourself and you have to face the music. Poor Jetsons , on the receiving end due to technology overdose. Conclusion : You still have a boss who represents a Devil in your life no matter what century you belong to.

But at least humans won’t be out of work due to the presence of Artificial Intelligence as many have feared. A reason to cheer about.

Hanna & Barbera, not only made us laugh but also presented us a scenario of how the past was & what future would look like. But let’s not forget the contribution of the families and friends of the Flintstones & the Jetsons. They all have a special place in our heart.

I always use to wonder , what will happen when the past will meet the future. Will Freddie and George understand each other? What will they talk about?  Well I’ll leave this for your brains to dribble around with .

But at least we all know one thing , that they will continue to put a smile on our faces.
The two Legendary Men who Never met but live the same life in different generations.


India : A young State, Old Leaders !!

Strange Title , but a true statement . India, an independent state for almost 64 years and still ruled by old leaders. The fact is that we are the youngest nation of the world then why over reliance on the dropping shoulders of our leaders. But then, this has been our main problem for ages, having all the resources and we fail to utilise them. Wasting the best years of our leaders, when they are young and have fresh minds and then we expect them to lead the country at an age when they should be retiring from service.

India may have the youngest population , but it has the oldest leader and oldes ministerial cabinet. In most of the world’s top economies, the aaverage age of a cabinet minister or his equivalent is just a decade or so higher than the median age of the population. But in India, the average age of a cabinet minister is almost two-and-a-half times the country’s median age

At 78, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the oldest head of government in a major economy. In fact, Singh is only one of two heads of government older than 70 in 15 of the world's biggest economies, which account for more than 70% of the world's GDP and 60% of the population . Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, 74, is the other.

 In our nation, we consider Akbar as the greatest ruler to have ruled the country but we fail to acknowledge the fact that he was just 15 when he was crowned the king. Can we expect Sachin Tendulkar to play for India at an age of 60 or Katrina will have the same fan following when her grandchildren are around. The answer to both the questions is NO.

 We are in a habit to let our young talent go to other countries and then we cry a foul play of Brain Drain.  Rahul Gandhi who is already a member of parliament and in his late 30s is still not vested with any major position of responsibility. Is congress waiting for his hair to turn white ?

We have always believed that the eldest person in the family has to be the leader but no one thinks of giving the youth a chance. We have to learn from Japan, where as the time is passing the nation is growing old. I do not intend to convey a message that youth is the solution to all the problems, but it can show the way where even the most experienced fails. There are exceptions to everything , such as Mr. E. Sreedharan , the metro man of India.

What India need is to promote the youth in varying capacities. To start with , we can delegate some of the departments to young people or for a change can form a partnership among youth and experience. With the knowledge of the experienced and energy and creativity of the youth we can surely be a bigger power than what we are today.

Let’s not forget that humans are not wine “ Older the Better” but “ Younger the Best” .