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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Those shiny eyes,  that dare to see a dream of a child, which gleam to see the new born and are filled with tears  and once again they are wet as they are cornered by the grown up child.

How often we see these scenes in our neighborhood. Well the answers can be different but it won’t change the reality.
The child that once use to play in the arms of their parents does not understand the value of its parents once he grows up.
People will argue that we don’t do it and we love them a lot but mere self proclamation won’t do. How easily we forget that how by sacrificing their wishes parents fulfill all ours.

The other day a friend of mine countering on this topic commented that if we have old age homes then we also have the orphanage. But can we compare the two by counting their numbers? 

To understand the whole thing we need to go through the whole cycle.

To be crystal clear, parents don’t need children. Have we ever thought that why they need children and if they need it then why reproduce if one can easily go to an orphanage.

Well, the answer can be as simple as this: they need their own child to bestow all the happiness in this world for the little one. You will get all the answers if you happen to accompany your relative to the hospital in times of happiness. As the doctor handovers the child to the mother/father, you can see the tears of joy coming out of their eye. It is said that motherhood is the biggest gift woman have been endowed with.

Things don’t stop here. They help you come up the ladder and be successful in life by not only providing you the resources but also supporting you morally and emotionally.

Have you ever imagined how they don’t have that much money but still manage to splash the cash on you throughout the life. Well my dear friends they again sacrificed their wishes . Some times out of pocket and sometimes by taking a loan they always give you what you wanted. 

All throughout they were busy paying loans but you didn’t cared. They stood in the admission line of a college when you were relaxing. They paid for your luxury trips and them self stayed at home. They offered you their blanket when you need it, they gave you their meal when you felt hungry.

But we the children of this independent nation treat them as an obligation rather than a responsibility once have reached the stage of success in life. Either we treat them as slaves or we leave them in old age homes. The heights have been when the parents are forced to live in a servant room . The scenes can be as horrible as this one : a grandson shouting on grandparents but still our children remain silent and in some cases accompany in blaming the parents.

One thing we forget is that in our life we will be parents when we will expect a good behavior from our kids but what if our expectations are trashed and our children behave in the same way we behaved with our parents.

The day each and every child in this country will understand the situation being a parent, that day no father and no mother will be a burden on the children.


Anonymous said...

reading your blog for the first time...well said.

Ankit Saxena said...

Thanx a ton :)