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Friday, March 11, 2011

India : A young State, Old Leaders !!

Strange Title , but a true statement . India, an independent state for almost 64 years and still ruled by old leaders. The fact is that we are the youngest nation of the world then why over reliance on the dropping shoulders of our leaders. But then, this has been our main problem for ages, having all the resources and we fail to utilise them. Wasting the best years of our leaders, when they are young and have fresh minds and then we expect them to lead the country at an age when they should be retiring from service.

India may have the youngest population , but it has the oldest leader and oldes ministerial cabinet. In most of the world’s top economies, the aaverage age of a cabinet minister or his equivalent is just a decade or so higher than the median age of the population. But in India, the average age of a cabinet minister is almost two-and-a-half times the country’s median age

At 78, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the oldest head of government in a major economy. In fact, Singh is only one of two heads of government older than 70 in 15 of the world's biggest economies, which account for more than 70% of the world's GDP and 60% of the population . Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, 74, is the other.

 In our nation, we consider Akbar as the greatest ruler to have ruled the country but we fail to acknowledge the fact that he was just 15 when he was crowned the king. Can we expect Sachin Tendulkar to play for India at an age of 60 or Katrina will have the same fan following when her grandchildren are around. The answer to both the questions is NO.

 We are in a habit to let our young talent go to other countries and then we cry a foul play of Brain Drain.  Rahul Gandhi who is already a member of parliament and in his late 30s is still not vested with any major position of responsibility. Is congress waiting for his hair to turn white ?

We have always believed that the eldest person in the family has to be the leader but no one thinks of giving the youth a chance. We have to learn from Japan, where as the time is passing the nation is growing old. I do not intend to convey a message that youth is the solution to all the problems, but it can show the way where even the most experienced fails. There are exceptions to everything , such as Mr. E. Sreedharan , the metro man of India.

What India need is to promote the youth in varying capacities. To start with , we can delegate some of the departments to young people or for a change can form a partnership among youth and experience. With the knowledge of the experienced and energy and creativity of the youth we can surely be a bigger power than what we are today.

Let’s not forget that humans are not wine “ Older the Better” but “ Younger the Best” .


subtlescribbler said...

I agree with u...v do need young blood to take hold of the nation! but the bitter truth is that 'politics has been made a dirty , foul play' and people arent int rested in joining such causes.
v first need to work behind the curtains and build a healthy image of our governmental workings and then things can be moved to fore front too!


keshav said...

Great beginning and nice thought. We will love to see more in future from you. Best of Luck.

Neeraj Bharti said...

Though I agree with you somewhat but I would like to refine your Idea. It doesnot matter that the leader is young in age or old in age..the idea that needs to be subscribed is that the leader should be with the time and ahead of time...Manmohan singh is old in age but his thoughts and policies are as young as a guy in his 20s, on the other hand there is the example of varun Gandhi who is a young scion, though his ideology and thoughts are passive...

Otherwise Good reading keep writing...!!

Pankul Gupta said...

I must say that it is well written. Nice thoughts and well presented. Phots are good, examples are very good.
It is difficult in India to accept a fresh face or a young person as a leader and we all know the reason...

Well done!!
Kp writng!!

Ankit Saxena said...

@Sarah : Thanx for agreeing to my last i have some one who thinks the way i do

@Kshav : thank you for your encouraging words...will come up with new things for sure.

@Neeraj : Manmohan Singh is a good leader who himself is led by some1 else...Just wasting his intelligence..he was of more use when he was the RBI Governor.But anyways there are always two sides of the coin so i respect your opinion too.

@Pankul : Your words are realy encouraging...Its just the begining so will mprove soon .